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July 52017

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"Mozilla Community discontinues their Mozilla firefox operating system development."
Firefox Operating System was a Linux based, open source operating system that has been developed for firefox os devices like smart phones, tablet PC and smart TV’s by Mozilla community. The OS was one of the latest os, based on the Firefox web browser rendering engine. This operating system was first released commercially in the year 2013 but was discontinued by the end of the year 2016.
The Firefox Operating System was designed to provide the user’s with a complete community-based operating system that could run any web application directly like the firefox os smartphone. The applications that could be directly run used open-standards and were built using web scripts like HTML 5, JavaScript. It was a completely commercially developed operating system and could be compared with iOS and android operating systems.

The firefox os initially involved the following major software layers in it’s development phase -

1) Gonk – It is a platform denomination that is used for the combination of the Linux Kernel and Hardware Extraction Layer(HAL) from Android operating system.
2) Gecko – It is an open-standards web browser engine and is used as a run-time layer for application services.
3) Gaia – It is a HTML 5 layer that is used to facilitate the user-interface system.

Comparison of Firefox Operating System with Android Operating System can be directly derived from their development base as the Firefox operating system used the Gecko engine on top of the Linux kernel to render the output to the screen whereas android operating system had a dedicated path for each and every single operation and functionality.
The mozilla firefox os was highly criticized on terms of security and lack of applications. The Firefox community took proper steps for it’s rectification by building packaged applications that could be downloaded and were cryptographically signed by the store of origin.

With the amount of drawbacks the Firefox Operating System had and the tough competition that the community was facing, the developers were unable to compete with the other operating systems in the present market and finally decided to fully stop the development process of the operating system, any further on September of 2016.

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