Terms of Services

  • Introduction

  • Graphizona Graphics and Technology Solutions is a designing and development company, situated in kolkata, providing services through-out the country. Our developing zone have the best group of designers who are well qualified and experienced to provide services and carry-out the project creation process with the best set of tools and techniques being available in the present technical market.

  • License to use website

  • This website is a personal web platform to promote our off-line business, and is running under free license.

  • Acceptable Use

  • The website is completely free to browse, and contact can be done on valid reasons to the mentioned contacting details.

  • Restricted Access

  • The contents or any part of this website is a copyright to Graphizona. com and cannot be copied or reused for any commercial purpose, directly or indirectly.

  • User Content

  • The contents provided by this website are completely unique and are not a case of piracy or subject to any copyright violation.

  • Limitations of liability

  • 1. Graphizona is not responsible for further modifications made to the developed projects.
    2. Graphizona doesn't take responsibility if the server or related set-up are mishandled, after being successfully done.
    3. Graphizona should not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused due to any involvement of any third person.

  • Exceptions

  • Any form of exceptions are to be handled by the agreement of both parties.

  • Other Parties

  • The services provided are by the developer's of Graphizona.com and no other third party or personal involved.

  • Indemnity

  • If any loss is caused due to any actions or activities of Graphizona, then it is entitled to customers required compensations.

  • Breaches of these Terms and Conditions

  • Any breach or violation to the terms and conditions could lead to legal actions, as per the legal laws provided on cyber and civil contexts of the state or country.

  • Assignment

  • The assignments are directly handled and managed between the customers and the official website administrators or employees. No external personals involved.

  • Severability

  • If a part of the contract becomes invalid, the rest of the contract may still be valid, if both the parties agree.

  • Entire Agreement

  • The user or the customer should agree and comply with the following :
    1. No confidential information to be shared with anyone else, once a contract has been signed.
    2. The contract is liable to terms of changes, only if both the customer and the developing parties are agreeable.
    3. No false or fraud means of contract should be encouraged.

  • Law and jurisdiction

  • 1. No false contract.
    2. No unwanted and unnecessary negotiations.
    3. Proper contract fulfilment.

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