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August 32017

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"Want to design android or ios apps, but don’t have coding knowledge, Meteor can help you get your graphical ideas to reality with ease"
Meteor is a web framework that is completely free and open-source isomorphic java-script web-based framework. This framework is written using Node,js and supports cross-platform deployments.
Meteor framework was first introduced in December 2011, with an initial name “Skybreak”.
Then the meteor framework was officially released on 20th January, 2012, for the first time on world-wide scale. It is developed by the “Meteor Development Group” that was started by Y Combinator. The group received an amount of $11.2 million as a funding from Andreessen Horowitz in the month of July, 2012. The group’s initial plans were to develop a hosting platform for meteor apps and selling them to the large scaled organizations, to become profitable. meteor framework graphizona graphics soultions
Meteor group now provides many commercial services through their official website. Some of them are as follows –
1) Effortless Meteor Hosting for developers to easily upload and host their products.
2) Official Developer Support for easy development assistance.
3) Global Partner Network for funding the user developed selected projects.

Meteor framework allows developers to rapidly prototype and produce cross-platform applications (like for android, ios, web) and code. This framework can easily integrate with MongoDB and also uses the distributed data protocol for easy database management and also with a publish-subscribe pattern that helps to automate the propagation of data changes to clients without the requirement of any developer to write a synchronization code, saving the developer’s extra manually coding efforts.meteor framework integrated graphizona
The developers of the meteor web framework have multiple options of using additional frameworks along with the meteor’s native Blaze templating engine, some of the are as follows –

1) Angular Framework – It is a java-script-based, open-source and front-end web application framework that is mainly developed and maintained by Google.angular js framework graphizona
2) React Library – It is an open-source java script library that is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and community.react library graphizona They also provide a completely stable SDK (software development kit) with their latest builds of frameworks and tools that could help the developers and designers to get started easily, even the user’s with less coding knowledge and experience.
Meteor web framework provides the young and less experienced coders to easily create and deploy their very own built web and multiple platform applications, and also help them in gaining and achieving success and a career option, without much hastle.

Written By Subrata Debnath
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