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Graphizona Graphics and Technology Solutions is a zone of fixed website design company in kolkata that provides user’s with the most cheapest web design method. We provide fixed or static designed layout websites and web pages for the user’s not having the needs of very high level graphics or is targeted for a specific group of user’s systems using html & css design and build websites.
Fixed website design is a part of web graphic design which means the page layouts of the web pages and the components have a fixed position and size. The position and sizes will not change dynamically on reducing the size of your web browser or mobile browser.

“Low on Budget, Use Fixed Designs”

Graphizona is a zone that provides the following fixed website design features

CSS Designer Kolkata India Graphizona


Graphizona provides web designs that uses css files for displaying their components.

Fast Loading

Graphizona, a fixed website design india company develops the web pages in a way that they doesn’t take long time to load, neither much of the user’s system memory space.

Fast Loading Fixed Html Website Design Company Kolkata India Graphizona
Fixed layout Website Development Company Kolkata Graphizona

Fixed Layout

Graphizona develops the web page designs to be fixed, restricting the web components to change their size or position on the page.

Graphizona’s zone of html designer in kolkata have the complete knowledge and practical experience of html & css design and build websites and it’s components. We make use of the technology to the fullest, keeping the user’s interface in mind,at an affordable budget.

Why To Choose Graphizona?



We, fixed website design company in kolkata offers a low cost website design.


We use the latest technology to design websites and proper modifications required to reduce the loading time and space of the fixed website design that you choose.


We provide you with proper guidance to properly operate your projects with ease.

If you are looking for Fixed website design company in kolkata, then you have come to the right place. Call Us +91-9903375523.

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