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August 302017

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"Not able to figure out or need some answers, Cortana is here to guide."
Cortana is a virtual assistant that has been developed and provided by Microsoft with their official release of Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. It is an intelligent personnel assistant initially released on April 2, 2014, 3 years ago. The Cortana has been released under proprietary licence under Microsoft.

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This Virtual Assistant Cortana can help you get all your answers, find something, or assist you with the user’s works or problems. It makes use of the Microsoft AI Database to take and make proper relative suggestions to the users.
It can help the users with the following major areas –
1) Online – Cortana can help you to search for, find, gather any sort of information from the world wide web, without the need of manually searching or browsing for it.
2) Offline – Cortana can help you to easily find, arrange and work with the files present on your local storage.
This service of Cortana has been integrated with multiple Windows applications by Microsoft, like the Microsoft Edge, a brand new web browser that has also been introduced by the company in their windows 10 version of operating system. Cortana through Microsoft Edge can help users to search for a particular thing in exact, or to know the opening or the closing hours of any office, bank, or any restaurants, and many more.

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Cortana can also be used to set reminders, voice recognition without typing a single key on the keyboard, and answering any sort of users questions, starting from personal to professional.
Cortana service can easily be integrated with other Microsoft applications or almost any third-party applications provided by non-Microsoft vendors, like the Amazon Alexa.
Cortana uses windows indexing and also stores user information’s in both the system and cloud storage. But this Cortana smart feature can also be disabled to make the searching process restricted to only the local computer system and the searching speed can noticeably be enhanced.

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This smart service is available in English language throughout the world and a special version for china. The Cortana speaks back in British English ascent and the voice is backed by Ginnie Watson. But with time, this service is made available in some more languages like German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian.

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Cortana updates are delivered directly, and are not dependent on the primary windows update tool. But not all Cortana related features supports updates, as they are system dependent and the system requirements cannot be changed or mismatched.

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