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September 302017

google home latest smart speaker and home assistant graphizona

"No more being alone with Google Home"
Google is the leading search engine provider in the world. Along with their search engine services, it is also involved in several development processes including the google car – Waymo, google glass and many more. Google with some other companies carries out their development with having most of the shares and involvement by themselves.

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Google Home is one of the recent gadget that is being developed by google for commercial home purpose. This gadget is entitled to answer the user’s questions, give suggestions, alerts, and many more with only using the user’s voice as input. This is a completely hands-free gadget that the user can make use of even without holding it with their hands.

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Google Home have a lot of common features as their virtual google assistant application. Google assistant has been one of the best helping application for the android devise and other related operating systems.
Some of the highlighted features of Google home are as follows –
1) Fully voice controlled system that helps the user’s to easily access the gadget from almost any part of a room.
2) Helps you to get any sort of help from google assistant.
3) Helps easy play-back of music files, including voice operated commands for pause, play, next and previous options.
4) Fully portable with built-in power supply that can be recharged over time and can also be carried to anyplace.

Google Home is a perfect appliance for home use by almost all sorts of users, starting from children’s to adults for various purposes like -
1) Learning
2) Education
3) Information
4) Music
5) And many more..

This device can further be connected to other google and smart devices like the google Chromecast, smart TV and more. The capability can be enhanced even more by connecting the device using the available connectivity options like Bluetooth.

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Google Home is available to the customers based on the online network devices. This device would definitely make the user’s life much more comfortable by having a talking device along with them to help them out with almost anything and information’s, not in text mode, but through real human voice, that sounds and feels more acceptable by the users.

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