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September 152017

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"Fastest delivery system has been introduced for the customers"
Drones are referred to as an unmanned electrical vehicle that can be easily controlled using a remote controller. The drones can be classified under the following general categories –
1) Aerial
2) Combat Aerial
3) Spacecraft
4) Ground
5) Surface
6) Underwater
7) Quadcopter

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Delivery drones are the latest introduction to the drone family, especially under the aerial category. These drones are based on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology and are used for transporting packages, food or other smaller to medium sized goods within a limited radius of geographical area.
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The delivery drones can be well utilized for several useful jobs, some of them are as follows –
1) Food Delivery – Delivery of packaged as well as fresh food items and products from the market or malls, directly to the users.
2) Product Delivery – Delivery of electronic or any less weight products from the supplier to the consumers without having any middleman’s interference.
3) Postal Services – Easy delivery of posts to a specified radius of area, not needing a postman.
4) Medical Support – Delivery of quick medical equipment or other support to any emergency spot without delay.

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This delivery drones uses smart technology that includes a Launchpad and drop zone. The Launchpad marks the start point for the drone that is used to properly initiate the drone with feeding the drop zone estimated radius based on gps locations, along with drone energy refilling and attaching the goods or products to it, whereas the drop zone serves as the exact delivery point on the receiver’s end to ensure correct delivery of the products or goods.
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One of the recent delivery services known as the Amazon Prime Air makes proper use of these drone systems. This service is designed and developed by the company Amazon in Prime Air Development Centers situated in the countries like the US, UK, Austria, France and Israel. Using these drone devices for making delivery can be very beneficial in some of the following mentioned ways –
1) Speed – The delivery speed has been highly increased with the use of air transportation medium.
2) Accuracy – The markers marks the exact gps point of delivery to the drone, using a drop point marker.
3) Cheap – The transportation cost has been reduces as there is no need of any third-party delivery service providers.
4) Less Man Power – No delivery man or individual is included for serving the purpose.
5) Easy Tracking – The drone can be easily tracked on both the company and the customer’s end in real-times.
6) Reduced Damage Chances – The chances of dealing damage by the products are almost negligible with the flying drones.
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In this delivery system, the companies provides the users with a drop pad or drop-zone marker that indicates and marks the delivery point for the aerial transportation drones for identifying and delivering the package to the exact designated spot. This ensure high reliability of delivery to the customers by the company using their automated drone systems.

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