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August 22017

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"Cool graphical effects always attracts new and interested players to the coolest games."
In the world of gaming, screen effects play a major role in attracting and maintaining the player’s attention and the willingness to play that particular game. These effects are generally full screen- based effects that are applied to the entire screen, and can easily be created by using almost any graphic designing tool or software.

Some of the very popular techniques of using these full-screen image effects are –

1) Bordered Frame – These image effects covers most of the surrounding screen parts and acts as a wide frame on the screen, making most of the screen difficult to view, for the users.
2) Angular Frame – These image effects covers only the angular screen spaces, keeping the most of the screen clearly visible to the player.
3) Center Frame – These image effects mostly cover the center parts of the screen and are generally used to display graphical information’s to the players, etc.

In some game developing process, the image effects are being produced by the shaders, which is controlled by the shader engine. A shader is basically a computer program that is used 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional shading, that means maintaining the appropriate levels of lights, darkness and proper shades of color within a single image.
These image effects use post-processing techniques to project the required transactions and manage the amount of CPU resources that the effect is going to use, while the game has been running and the effect has been called. This usually adds some additional effects while rendering the image effects with any 3D Real Time Rendering engine.

The most commonly used image effects, that can be found in any category or level of game design are –

1) Color Filters – This effect is used to make proper color corrections, depending on the light source and a few more world properties. Color Filters graphizona
2) Depth of Field – This effect is used to produce or manage the focus range, an area or world range where the view would be completely clear.Depth of Field graphizona
3) Screen Bloom – This effect is used to reproduce an imaging artifact in relation to the real-world cameras.Screen Bloom graphizona
On any computer system, the image effects or shader effects are achieved using the GPU Shaders Engine, also assuring the quality and the performance level of the effects.

Game Screen Effect is nothing but a technique to design and project well-laid image effects on the screen, during any gameplay to make the players more interested and have an enjoyable overall experience. The professional use of image effects in the games can even help a basic game to get graphically popular among the players.

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