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August 72017

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A hologram is typically a 3-dimensional exactly life-like image that is created by the process called Holography. The image is generated using a static light source, generally using a laser light. If a person starts moving around the projector, the image also starts rotating, making it look like a 3-dimennsional object.
Holography is the process that makes use of the wave characters of a light source and depicts an exact description of an image that goes far beyond the options of a regular photography method.
  A holographic image is generated using a source of light that is being flashed on a screen, an object to project the hologram on. It almost follows the same process that were used by photographers for developing colored photographs from the negative images. But, in this, some of the portion of the light source have to be passed right onto the screen, on which the hologram needs to be projected. The light source should have a static wavelength and the projection should be done in the darkness. hologram light source graphizona

The required equipment’s for making a very basic hologram projector are –

1) Laser Light – A constant source of light having a very static light’s wavelength.
2) Apparatus – A beam splitter that can separate the rays of the light source into several identical waves or beams, each moving towards different directions.

The holograms are classified under the three major properties –
1) Amplitude and phase modulation holograms.
2) Thin holograms and thick volumetric holograms
3) Transmission and reflection holograms

The hologram device’s medium of recording firstly has to convert the original light’s interference pattern into an optical element that should be able to modify either the amplitude or the phase in proportion to the intensity of the originated light source.

These hologram devices can also be used to project real-time life-like projections, without the need of any solid or liquid medium to project the hologram on. Several researches are being carried-out with the latest and more effective technologies to further simplify this technology. hologram real life graphizona
Many hologram generating devices are available that can project a semi-3-dimensional holographic images but are very costly and the technology is not yet easily available to mass, for regular usage. Scientists, engineers and researchers are always trying to find a better and more reliable solution to this technology. The day of typical and bright hologram possibility is not so far.

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